Lua Development Tools now available as a standalone product

The IDE for the Lua programming language that is being developed within the Koneki project is getting more and more adoption these days. There are two main segments where Lua is intensively used: embedded platforms (the Lua VM has a very small footprint and is written in pure ANSI C, making it easy to embed), and video game industry (Lua is easy to learn, making it a language of choice for game scripting).

In order to facilitate the installation of Koneki Lua Development Tools for people not very familiar with the Eclipse SDK (nobody’s perfect, eh?), we are delivering an all-in-one package, that is ready to use.
It is already configured to download updates from the Koneki update site, so you should always benefit from latest features and bug fixes.

If you are interested in Lua development, go check it out now (and enjoy the nice splash screen)! 🙂

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