Open IoT Challenge deadline is approaching – prize pool over $20K!

A quick reminder to everyone that we are accepting applications for the Open IoT Challenge until next week, January 17.

There are many exciting projects being proposed by developers all around the world, from wireless home automation solutions to geolocation solutions for quadcopters, and many more, so don’t wait and enter now! If you feel like you don’t have all the skills to build something by yourself, remember that we accept applications from teams, so talk to your friends and let your ambitious or crazy ideas become a reality!

Thanks to our sponsors Eurotech and IS2T, the prize pool for the challenge amounts to over $20,000, which I think will make the competition even more fierce and exciting!

I am happy to discuss any ideas you may have to help you put together amazing applications that I’m sure will turn into amazing projects, so feel very free to contact me.

By Benjamin Cabé

Benjamin Cabé is a technology enthusiast with a passion for empowering developers to build innovative solutions. He has invented an award-winning open source and open hardware artificial nose that he likes to use as an educational platform for people interested in diving into the world of embedded development.
He is currently a Developer Advocate for the Zephyr Project at the Linux Foundation and lives near Toulouse, France, where he enjoys baking sourdough bread with the help of his artificial nose.

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