3 Hours of live IoT coding on Twitch, tomorrow, May 20!

Tomorrow, May 20, I will be hosting 3 hours of live IoT coding on Twitch, as part of the Microsoft Build conference.

If you want to learn how to go from literally zero to a complete end-to-end IoT application, then you definitely want to tune in!


This is not going to be your typical tech conference talk: I will be building an asset tracking solution from scratch, sharing tons of tips along the way, and answering any questions you may have!

More than a presentation or a workshop, I hope this will be a great conversation with all of you interested in IoT development, whatever your level of expertise might be. I also hope this will be the first occurrence of many more live IoT coding sessions in the near future!

We will be going live at 1pm CEST (that’s 11am GMT). If there are topics you’d like to see covered, please feel free to let me know in the comments!

The live stream will be available through the @microsoftdeveloper Twitch account, or directly through my own Twitch account: @kartben.

By Benjamin Cabé

Benjamin Cabé is a technology enthusiast with a passion for empowering developers to build innovative solutions. He has invented an award-winning open source and open hardware artificial nose that he likes to use as an educational platform for people interested in diving into the world of embedded development.
He is currently a Developer Advocate for the Zephyr Project at the Linux Foundation and lives near Toulouse, France, where he enjoys baking sourdough bread with the help of his artificial nose.

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