Eclipse IoT

Upcoming Virtual IoT meetup sessions

We have some really great speakers lined up for the upcoming Virtual IoT meetup webinars. Please make sure to join the group and RSVP for the sessions you’d like to attend.
As always, we’re happy to hear your suggestions for future presentations, so feel free to drop me a note.

Eclipse IoT

Learn from IoT experts with the Virtual IoT meetup group

About a year ago, we realized that although the IoT is on everyone’s lips, there is a huge lack of technical resources available for people interested in learning more and getting their hands dirty with the solutions available today.
Our Virtual IoT meetup group is an attempt, pretty successful so far, at bridging this gap.

The idea is simple: we are organizing regular hangouts where we invite IoT experts and thought leaders to share their experience in IoT, and you can join us to get a chance to learn more and directly ask to these experts any question you may have.
We try to answer some of the most commons questions like: “What protocols should I use?”, “How do wireless sensor networks really work?”, “Is there a programming language of choice for IoT?”, “How can I extract meaningful info from my IoT firehose?”, etc.

You should definitely check out (and subscribe to!) the YouTube playlist of our webinars to date.

Please also make sure to RSVP to our next meetup on July 23 with Günter Obiltschnig. We’re going to learn more on, a toolkit for building embedded IoT applications that is written in C++ (for efficiency and embeddability) that also leverages the V8 JavaScript engine for making it even simpler to write applications.

Last but not least, if you are interested in sharing with our crowd your experience on an IoT-related topic, please contact me and we would certainly be happy to have you!