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Top 5 reasons to attend EclipseCon France

EclipseCon France 2013

I believe this first edition of EclipseCon France will be amazing, and here are the top 5 reasons why I am sure you will share my opinion:

1 The program is fresh and nice — While it was really hard to decline so many great talk proposals, the bright side of the coin is that we have an excellent program, with lots of new topics covered especially in the industry and embedded domains.

2 Workshops are your chance to learn about new stuff with hands-on sessions — If you want to learn how to master Git, Tycho, or create your first Android application in less than 2 hours, then you’re going to love the workshops we have cooked up for you!

3 The food is amazing — You all know about French cuisine, right? Guess what, South West France cuisine is even better: amazing duck specialties (cassoulet, foie gras, …), good wine, good cheese.

4 The location is perfect — Not only is Toulouse a beautiful city, but it is perfectly well located should you want to have a long nice weekend of tourism right after the conference. The Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean sea are just a few hours away and Spain is also very close, too!

5 It is very reasonably priced — The registration fee is only 250EUR (200EUR for alumni, committers and members) which I think is a good deal given how much you will learn during the 2 days of the conference!

Don’t wait any longer, and register now!

EclipseCon France 2013

EclipseCon France call for papers: we want cool stuff!

EclipseCon France logo

If you are part of the Eclipse community at large, you cannot ignore that the Call for Papers for EclipseCon France is opened, and the deadline is approaching.
Monday 8th is the deadline if you want a chance to have your talk put in the spotlight as one of the early bird picks made by the PC. Final deadline being Monday April, 15th.

We already have a good deal of submissions, but I strongly encourage you not to wait until the last minute for submitting your talk.
I am particularly interested in getting more proposals around Mobile and Web development using Eclipse, M2M, as well as anything that you think is cool – really! I am actually convinced that if you think your topic is cool, there is a very good chance the Program Committee will too!

Don’t wait any longer and submit your talk NOW! 🙂

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