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Unveiling the Eclipse IoT Demo Box

Now that the holiday season is over, we’re fully into “conference season” mode, as the fall is packed with IoT conferences (look at our Events Calendar to see where we will have a presence in the next couple months). Last week, the Eclipse Foundation was exhibiting at M2M Summit with three of our member companies: Logi.cals, Generative Software and Bitreactive (who blogged about it).

Since the number of Eclipse IoT projects keeps growing (we’re approaching 20!), it is sometimes difficult for people to quickly understand the problems each of these projects are trying to solve. While we’ve been pretty successful with the “Greenhouse demo™” over the past few years, this is a rather limited use case, and it does not really allow to showcase some of our newest projects.

This is why I started to create a new setup for Eclipse IoT demos, that I hope will be adopted by everyone interested in having an easy to setup platform for explaining what Eclipse IoT is all about. You should read this article until the end if you want to learn how to replicate this setup yourself!

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Eclipse IoT demo at FOSDEM

During the weekend of February 1st, I had the opportunity to attend FOSDEM in Brussels.

It was only my second year but it’s definitely one of the events I enjoy attending the most: the crowd is very diverse and very curious, there are tons of talks that you can attend (if you can get a seat in the room – most of them are simply overcrowded), and the Belgian food is yummy!

I spent most of the weekend on the Eclipse Foundation booth where together with Mike and Julien, we were showing Eclipse IoT technologies live.

Greenhouse demo at FOSDEM
Photo credit: Julien Vermillard (@vrmvrm)

We’ve been asked several times what were the details of the setup and where one could find the source code, so here they are, with links to Github repos and gists:

  • A bunch of sensors attached to an Arduino, with a very basic sketch dumping sensor data to the serial port,
  • A BeagleBone Black running  Eclipse Orion and a very simple NodeJS app that uses MQTT.js for communicating with the Mosquitto broker that is hosted on iot.eclipse.org,
  • And last but not least, an Android Nexus 10 tablet that runs an augmented-reality app for displaying real sensor values in a pretty cool way 😉

Check out this cool 3-min video by 101blog (thanks again for the impromptu interview!) of the aforementioned setup in action.

Webinar Anyware Technologies/Ingres

A noter dans vos agendas !

logo anywareLe 19 mars, à 16h30, je co-animerai avec Vincent Ducrohet de la société Ingres, un webinar destiné à présenter Eclipse (tant l’atelier de développement que la plateforme), le SGBD Open Source Ingres, et les utilisations qui peuvent être faites de ces deux technologies.
logo ingres

Un cas d’utilisation concret d’Eclipse pour la réalisation d’une application métier (plateforme d’analyse et visualisation de données d’observations satellite) sera également exposé sous forme d’une démonstration.

C’est gratuit, et les inscriptions se passent ici !