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Eclipse Icons

eclipse-iconsI just found this useful link which gathers ALL the Eclipse Ganymede icons, in one and easy to browse place. It also provides  OpenOffice icons (needless to say they are way less cool! 😉 ).

Also, for everyone looking for a way to automatically retrieve all these icons, the following script does a huge par of the job since it automatically fetches the icons from the most icon prolific Eclipse projects directly from the eclipse.org CVS:

export CVSROOT
mkdir -p eclipse
cd eclipse
cvs -q co org.eclipse.debug.ui/icons
cvs -q co org.eclipse.pde.ui/icons
cvs -q co org.eclipse.jdt.ui/icons
cvs -q co org.eclipse.vcm.ui/icons
cvs -q co org.eclipse.team.ui/icons
cvs -q co org.eclipse.ant.ui/icons
cvs -q co org.eclipse.help.ui/icons
cvs -q co org.eclipse.ui/icons
cvs -q co org.eclipse.ui.views/icons
cvs -q co org.eclipse.ui.console/icons
cd ..
rm -f ~/public_html/eclipse-icons.zip
find eclipse -name "*.gif" -print | zip ~/public_html/eclipse-icons.zip -@ 

At last, one of my favorite generalist icons directory is probably http://www.iconlet.com. It will let you search for an icon by keyword, of course, but will also tell you whether the icon is free or not, and under which license it is available if need be… 🙂