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Zephyr Weekly Update – June 9

We’re only a week a way from the release of Zephyr 3.4, and everyone (including yours truly) is busy polishing everything for the release. I am trying to put together a nice video that will highlight some of the cool new features added in this version, even if you’ve already heard about some of them in the recent weeks if you’ve been reading this weekly update!

Since there isn’t much to cover in terms of actual Zephyr code changes (dozens of bugs have been fixed though, and commit activity has only barely slowed down), I am focusing this week’s article on 3 links you may have missed.

Infineon Hacking Challenge

Infineon just launched a coding challenge in partnership with around all things IoT and connected devices. The rules are super open and should leave you with room to create virtually anything you want! Bonus points if you’re using Zephyr, of course (to be clear: it’s not an official rule, just a personal recommendation 😊)!

You have until June 30 to submit your application and apply for getting some free hardware to help you with implementing your idea. You will then have until Sep. 22 to fully document your project and make your resource files (diagrams, BOM, code, etc.) available.

Adding PWM sound in Zephyr

Adding PWM sound in Zephyr – Blog post by Chris Gammell

Chris Gammell from Golioth recently published a nice and detailed article that dives into PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) and how you can use it in Zephyr to dim LEDs—fun!—or even play sound—much funnier!

A reminder to fill out the Zephyr RTOS Technical Documentation Survey

A quick reminder that we have an ongoing documentation survey that should take you just 5 minutes to complete. The goal is to understand better how you (and your organization) are using the documentation today, and what are some of the things you’d potentially like to see improved.

Participate in Zephyr RTOS technical documentation survey
Take the Zephyr RTOS Technical Documentation Survey

A big thank you to the 6 individuals who had their first pull request accepted this week, 💙 🙌: Ferar, Mark, Matthew, Nathan, Nick, and Pierre-Louis.

As always please feel free to jump in with your thoughts or questions in the comments below. See you next week!

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